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Edge protector- and sealing-profiles

Edge protection profiles are used to protect against sharp-edged parts and are clamping automatically because of their geometry, so that no adhesives will be necessary. With the aid of additional embedded steel clamp strap or wire carrier a firm fit will be achieved. Edge protection profiles are manually mounted on the edge to be protected.

Steel clamp strap

Our Edge protection profiles are made of PVC, Silicone and EPDM and can be delivered both with and without steel clamp strap or wire carrier. Depending on the application steel clamp straps are available in normal- or stainless-steel. Basically steel clamp strap has a better clamping effect due to its geometry, but at the expense of bend radii.

To reach closer bend radii, the connecting bridges of the steel clamp strap can be broken, but at the expense of appearance,  because  an  agitated surface is the result. The steel clamp straps are distinguished between simple straps with centre bar and double bar.

Broad product range

For your diverse areas of application, we have a comprehensive range of sealing profiles and edge protection profiles both with and without embedded clamp strap at the ready. The decision wether steel clamp strap or wire carrier should be used, depends on the application and the required look. We would be pleased to advise you. Please contact us.

Our product range:

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