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Hilgendorf GmbH + Co.

Plastic profiles

We will assist you in word and deed at every stage – from development to a product ready for series production – to prepare the best solution together with you. We supply customer-specific special profiles made of all traditional thermoplastics which can be manufactured in both simple extrusion processes and coextrusion. Continuous-flow manufacture of complex profiles is also part of our delivery range.

Subsequent processing

We provide complete profile systems for various applications for mechanical and plant engineering as well as for the railway industry.
Accurate customised cutouts also with milling grooves allow our customers quick and simple mounting.


Our assortment comprises all traditional plastics (also reinforced) and thermoplastic elastomers. Our employees select the ideal material based on your requirements. We also provide selected thermoplastics with fire protection tests in accordance with EN 45545-2:2013, DIN 5510-2 or NF F16 101.

Solutions for every requirement

  • Extrusion and coextrusion made of all
 thermoplastics, also reinforced
  • Coextrusion and multi-layer coextrusion in combination 
with hard or soft plastics
  • Accurate customised cutouts
  • Milling grooves and bores
  • Outfitting with adhesion systems and Velcro straps