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Custom-made products

Rubber-to-metal elements

Regardless of the quantity, size and future area of application, we bring our customers’ ideas and requirements into the right form for a wide range of applications.

Rubber-metal bearing elements are used in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, measuring instrument technology, precision mechanics, rail and vehicle construction and many more.

Manufacturing options
  • Rubber-metal buffers
  • Machine feet
  • Rubber-metal rails
  • Conical bearing elements
  • bushes
  • friction wheels

  • As vibration dampers
  • To reduce radial stress
  • For isolating structure borne noise and vibrations
  • For elastic mounting of machines and pumps
  • To adapt to different loads and dynamic forces

  • NBR (Perbunan®), neoprene (CR), silicone (VMQ), Viton ® (FKM), natural rubber (NR)

Questions about quantities, dimensions
or possible customizations? ​

We would be happy to advise you personally on our custom-made products