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Logistics Solutions

While you concentrate on your core business, we will assume all activities for you regarding storage, commissioning and the dispatch of your products. Optimum delivery is a pre-requisite for the efficient use of production capacities. That is why our logistics solutions are flexible and straightforward as well as tailored individually for customers. We optimise your supply chains by offering you the option of setting up a consignment warehouse with the advantages of a lower capital commitment, fewer processing expenses and maximum security of supply. This ensures the delivery is dispatched with barcode and according to your needs at the time agreed upon.

Supplier Management

By taking over your specified suppliers and supporting them, we allow considerable process expense optimisation for you as well as a bundling of your requirements. Using strategic purchasing controlling, we raise our supply quality thereby minimising your procurement risks.

C-Parts Management

In order to decrease your acquirement of C-Parts and the enormous administrative and costly expenditures associated with it, we offer you effective C-Part management. Using rationalised order processes, sophisticated logistics and optimised inventory management, we lower your processing expenses. We will be happy to advise you and present you with a C-Parts concept!

Technical solutions

The knowledge we have built up over many years and our technical consulting expertise are the key to your success. We offer customized and material-independent solutions for your individual requirements. Our experts work closely with you, from the initial idea through to implementation. With a commitment to innovation, together we develop solutions that exceed your expectations.

Material tests, material certification and advice

Our service includes independent material selection, with material testing and certification if required. We advise on product quality, performance and conformity, taking into account industry and legal standards. From material selection to certification, we support you to ensure successful market launches. Rely on our expertise for your success.

Customized production

Your need, our solution! Discover our customized production - a tailor-made offer that turns your vision into reality. From unique designs to specific requirements, we create products that exceed your expectations. Our experts work closely with you to develop innovative solutions that drive your project forward.

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