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Rubber balls

We offer you a wide range of rubber balls of different materials (CR, EPDM, NR, NBR, SBR, PUR, FKM, silicone) in the hardness range from 30 ±5 Shore A to 90 ±5 Shore A.

Combinations of different materials enables a precisely targeted application of the rubber balls. Furthermore the industrial balls cannot only be produced in solid version but also with different cores of metal, aluminium, plastic (hollow or solid), cork or wood.

  • As locking pieces
    • in valves, pumps and conduits –  whereby material and valve seat have to be adjusted to each other.
    • A proper sealing of the valve ball is determined by the ball weight, which will be achieved by choosing a suitable material or a core of metal, aluminium, plastic (hollow or solid), cork or wood.
  • As sieve cleaning balls
    • in sieving equipment (e.g. tumbler sieving machines). The rubber balls used here have a high abrasion resistance as well as a good rebound elasticity (NR, NBR, PUR, silicone).

  • CR, EPDM, NR, NBR, SBR, PUR, FKM, Silikon

Available balls of all above mentioned materials with sizes from 5 mm Ø to 300 mm Ø

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