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Moulded plastic parts

You have the concept, we have your design!

Based on decades of experience in the field of technical Moulded plastic parts, we know how to provide you with the best result.

The characteristics of plastics guarantee a great deal of elbowroom for customer-specific solutions. They are simply to form and manufacture with various techniques. Moulded plastic parts are low in weight and have good resistance to chemicals and serve as an alternative to metallic materials, for example, and can be dyed easily. Moulded plastic parts can be processed in both their pure form or in a modified version, i.e. reinforced with fibre glass or glass balls. Moreover, 2-component injection moulding is the ideal technology for realising combination options of individual materials.

All traditional materials such as PA, POM, ABS, PC, PVC, PE and TPEs are processed.

Together with you, we compile a practical and tailor-made solution. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!