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Hilgendorf GmbH + Co.

Moulded rubber parts

Regardless of the quantity, size and future area of use, we put the ideas and requirements of our customers into the right form – for diverse areas of application. Moulded rubber parts are frequently not standard or normal articles. These are developed and manufactured by order with the needs of our customers shaping the process throughout. They are used in all sectors as dampening materials, seals or sealing elements and spring elements, rubber-metal or rubber-plastic connections.

Moulded rubber parts are characterised by the following properties in particular:

  • Good malleability
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Easy to handle
  • Good electrical properties

We also provide you with solutions for compounds made of rubber and metal and process a wide variety of rubber composites such as: NR, EPDM, neoprene, NBR, SBR, FKM/FPM, ACM, silicone, TPE and TPU, etc.

We will also be happy to assume the implementation of individualised requirements and complex tasks as regards the product.

Exhaust adapter

provide an elastic connection between the vehicle exhaust and the exhaust measuring device. For more than 3 decades, these silicone moulded parts have been supplied to the exhaust measurement centres of the automotive industry, their suppliers and diverse inspection institutes.

  • Exhaust adapter for measuring exhaust
  • Adapted to the vehicle geometry
  • For single-pass and multiple-pass systems
  • Very elastic, with a heat protection stabiliser
  • Available in 2 temperature variations (+220 °C and +300 °C)

Our catalogue can be found in the download section.

Air-operated power wrench quiver

Practical quiver for pneumatic tools, which should be stored taking safety and protection into consideration.

  • Black, robust rubber quality
  • Conical version for various sizes
  • Wall fitting available