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Rubber-to-metal elements

Rubber-to-metal elements (also known as vibration absorbers) are used in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, measuring device technology, precision mechanics, in railway and automotive construction and much more.

These elements are used wherever mechanical vibrations and shaking need to be insulated or machines need to be stored.

Application-specific and customer-oriented consultation as well as the development of customer-specific solutions are among our strengths. With our extensive inventory of various hardnesses, we are capable of delivering products to customers quickly and on short notice.
Standard products made of natural rubber in diverse Shore hardnesses are stockpiled. Special materials such as NBR, neoprene, silicone and Viton are especially sought after.

You can find our standard and storage range under Standard products / Rubber-metal elements.

  • Buffers
  • Machine bases
  • Rails
  • Conical mounting elements
  • Bushings
  • Friction wheels